Listed below are the 2022 pricing sheets for government and military groups. You may CLICK HERE for a PDF for printing. 



DO I NEED TAX EXEMPT STATUS TO QUALIFY FOR FUNDRAISING PRICES? No, but depending on your state, you will have to pay sales tax on your purchase. 

HOW DO WE ORDER? When it is time for you to place your order, you'll use a password protected link to see the fundraising product prices. You will want to order based on the increments you sell in + change the quantity to how many products you sold in that tiered increments. (ie: If you sold 59 crystal ornaments, you will want to order the tiered increment of "50+" and then order 59 of that tiered increment option. (If you need help during ordering, send us a message!)

CAN WE GET A SAMPLE? Yes! You may order a sample item of the product you are interested in selling for 50% off if you have tax exempt status or 25% off if you do not have tax exempt status. Your order MUST ship to the president or chairperson of your organization. If interested, please email us at *FROM YOUR ORGANIZATION'S OFFICIAL EMAIL* letting us know which products you are interested in. In addition to the savings, we will photograph these for you and submit a photo to you when we ship. You can use the photograph for your fundraiser!

CAN YOU MAKE US A DIGITAL MOCKUP TO SHARE FOR OUR FUNDRAISER? In the past, I have always been happy to do this, but as each year garners more organizations, it has become pretty time consuming, and with the addition of new products, digital mockups of your particular design may not always look "realistic." Organizations have always shown great success even when showing our company's photographs while explaining to supporters that your particular organization's name will be on the final product instead. (See above FAQ on how you can get a sample product + professional marketing images of your actual product to share with your organization.   

CAN WE USE YOUR IMAGES TO PROMOTE OUR FUNDRAISER? Absolutely! You want your supporters to see a real photo of the product they are buying, but I do ask that you *DO NOT* crop out our company logo.

CAN YOU SHIP TO OUR SUPPORTERS? Your organization will need to buyers individually if running a fundraiser. I do allow for organizations to host their fundraiser on my website so that I can do the shipping for you, but fundraising prices will not be as low as the above prices. Because of the high volume of orders we receive during the holidays, this option will be limited (we like to save this option for our organizations outside of the continental US). 

*Shipping will not exceed $50 for CONUS organizations. This means Savage and Bird will eat the costs over $50 if your organization's package cost more than $40 to ship. OCONUS organizations, email us at to set up a campaign on our website so we can handle your sales and shipment. (Sales taxes to buyer's state will apply)

DO YOU HAVE TIPS FOR US ON HOW WE CAN SHIP? Yes! We don't want you losing your fundraising profits on high shipping costs. We will be organizing a "cheat sheet" for how to save on shipping, where to get supplies, and how to best package these. We only ask that you do not share these tips. 

DO ORNAMENTS AND MUGS COME IN GIFT BOXES? Yes, most of the time! Ceramic and crystal ornaments are shipped to you in individual boxes that not only protect the ornament, but also allow for safe keeping for years to come. Wood ornaments are often in soft gift bags (much like felt jewelry bags), but we do occasionally upgrade to the gift box for free based on sales volume. All boxes and bags are branded with our company information and come with a business card. We ask that you tell your supporters to please contact us via email if they have any issues with their product down the road.

OTHER FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITIES: Your supporters (families on your crews) are eager to get "swag" when they join your boat. I have personally been on an FRG board as well as worked with FRGs for many years, so I know the importance of fundraising outside of the holidays. I'm happy to set up ongoing sales with you throughout the year so families can order a product or gift anytime and you get the rewards upon their purchase. We can also set up campaigns with a special link on our site for your supporters. Email us at to set that up! 

SPECIAL NOTE FOR FRGs IN CONNECTICUT: Unfortunately, sales tax still applies to FRGs unless you have a 501(c)3 or 13 status, but CNIC recommends FRGs have a 501(c)4 status. The state of Connecticut does not currently recognize postcard or 501(c)4 status as sales and use tax exempt. As a business owner and FRG member myself, I highly encourage you write your representatives to have this added to the list of sales and use tax exempt status for the state.